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After the installation is finished, you can restart the computer and remove the USB stick. Now, when the computer is starting, it will first show to you the GRUB boot screen. Create your user accountAfter you set up your user account, you can click on the “Continue” button and the installation will be executed. This […]

You can also encrypt individual Microsoft Office files from within their apps, although this is better suited to casual person use than protection against serious adversaries. The passwords in MySQL’s .mylogin.cnf are only obfuscated, rather than encrypted, so the feature does not really add much from a security perspective. It is more likely to give […]

Since the tool integrates with File Explorer, you can undo the rename action. Simply press Ctrl + Z and the files revert back to their original names. Designed way back when for Windows 95, PowerToys was an attempt by Microsoft to fill in some of the gaps with Windows through a collection of cool and […]

You will also see which function key you should press to get into the settings. Usually it says “Press F10 for Recovery” or something similar along the lines. You can then factory reset your device from the options provided by the manufacturer. The “Camera” tab is only important if you want to capture webcam footage […]

If you experience Bluetooth problems on the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, here are a few ways to fix them. For model-specific information about the location of the physical wireless switch, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.Manuals are posted on your model support page. Toggle “Allow input” to “on” if you want to […]

Download this preset and give your portraits a charming and professional color correction in several clicks. No you don’t have to play with Lightroom sliders. If you use Lightroom Classic CC, you probably know about the presets. By disabling them, you can boost up the games a little bit. Any feedback you might have about […]

After opening the File Explorer, right click the title bar section with your mouse and then choose Minimize or Maximize from the prompted menu to modify the size of your window. And then remove the checkbox for “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen”, and then click the […]

Ruangbit – Pembelajaran online terus melonjak popularitasnya, bukan hanya karena kita semua lebih banyak tinggal di rumah. Beberapa faktor berperan. Khususnya, bagaimana pembelajaran jarak jauh lebih cocok dengan kehidupan modern. Terutama mengingat rata-rata orang Amerika sekarang menghabiskan 24 jam seminggu untuk online . Pembelajaran online juga dapat menekan biaya bagi siswa. Dan, ketika institusi melihat bagaimana melibatkan siswa dalam pembelajaran online, […]

Ruangbit – Kami melayani jasa pembuatan komik dengan layanan lengkap dan terpercaya, berikut ini kami sajikan tips menggunakan komik digital. Pendahuluan Menulis dan menggambar buku komik Anda sendiri adalah usaha yang signifikan, tetapi banyak pencipta indie mengambil tantangan. Webcomics dan format komik digital lainnya telah lepas landas dalam beberapa tahun terakhir karena peningkatan kecepatan internet […]

Ruangbit – Kami melayani jasa pembuatan website kursus online dengan layanan lengkap dan terpercaya, berikut ini kami sajikan tentang xml kursus online. Pendahuluan Mengetahui seluk beluk XML sangat penting untuk semua karir pengembangan. Dibuat oleh World Wide Web Consortium , bahasa markup ini merancang aturan untuk menyandikan dokumen dalam format yang berfungsi baik untuk manusia maupun mesin. Ini adalah […]